Aletti Giovanni & Figli srl   Via Tiepolo 14 - 21100 Varese (VA) - ITALY
Tel .+39 0332 334664 - Fax :+39 0332 331917 - Partita Iva : 00197070121
  We offer you a wide range of machines and accessories, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your service.


Our professional team is available to support you in the choice of the most suitable machines for each type of product, to satisfy your highest requirements.
The experience gathered in over 60 years, allows Aletti to be in the van of the market and to offer the most reliable, performing and technologically advanced machines.


In the textile industry Aletti offers an advanced buffing machine that can get matchless performances on all kinds of materials.
The extreme versatility of the new buffing machine has allowed Aletti to introduce a new type of finish called “pattern sueding”
The new finish is totally eco-friendly is very cheap and does not modify the original features of the materials, like softness, natural touch and resistance to wear.
The “pattern sueding” has been used to finish also the synthetic leather, the non wovens, the micro-fibre, the technical textiles, the wool and many other flexible materials.
To complete the textile lines, Aletti produces a complete range of de-dusting machines (with brush system, blowing heads and combined)



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